Enhancing the Maxi experience.

Owning a Maxi yacht is all about the love of life at sea. Regardless of size, a Maxi is built to be the optimal choice of short – handed performance cruiser.

What is more important is the experience you will get from the easy handling of the yacht, the uncompromising comfort when living on board, and the distinctive, eye – catching Scandinavian design. Outside as well as below deck.


The name Maxi has for decades, been synonymous with well-built boats which, due to their high quality, have ensured that the company has carved itself out a special reputation within the boat world.

Today, Maxi Yachts manufactures yachts from 38 to 42 ft. and is designed by world champion and Olympic medallist Pelle Petterson.

Maxi Yachts quality concept has led to the fact that more than 16.000 boats have been produced since it founded. In terms of production, Maxi represent a successful synthesis of advanced technology, modern production methods combined with traditional craftsmanship.


Quality is our guiding star most closely associated with Maxi owner emotions and expectations.

Emotions are individual and often expressed as simply as stroking a highly polished surface or a lingering look at the lines of the deck.

To satisfy our own pride in our work, and the expectations of Maxi owners, we always choose the finest materials and the best components from the most professional suppliers and manufacturers for every boat.

Our choice is simple – we choose the best – but the process of choosing correctly requires solid professional expertise.

Which is something for which Maxi owners have relied on for many years.


When boat enthusiasts are at home sitting on their sofas they long to be back aboard their boats.

We make sure that when they are aboard their boats they do not long to be back home sitting on their sofas.

The Maxi shall always provide the comfort at sea that Maxi owners demand for themselves and their families. Irrespective of model, every detail is developed so that its function shall maintain the feeling of comfort and the satisfaction of being surrounded by quality.

Our efforts frequently result in unique examples of functionality, that a Maxi owner can only find in their boat.


A boat owner wants a safe boat for his family, himself and his guests. A small plate is fitted to all our boats.

This is proof of our good cooperation with the well-known Norwegian classification society, Det Norske Veritas, DNV. This cooperation entails that DNV carry out type approval, planned product control and random controls throughout the entire production process.

Maxi owners are familiar with our thoughts on safety in our boats and at sea, but the small plate provides them with a guarantee they are right about us.

Right about our safety standards and their choice of boat for themselves, their family and their guests.